Conversations about work, life & balance - March

Latest conversations on work, life & balance

Paul Crighton is the Managing Director Australia/New Zealand of NetApp, a hybrid cloud data services and data management company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

He talks about work-life balance at NetApp, being 100% present in the moment, running to unwind and having perspective in life.

Read his interview here.

Katie Walmsley is the Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer at Australian start-up BenchOn, a business only sharing economy platform.

She talks about what it’s like running a startup, balancing her responsibilities of being a business owner and her children, and preferring the term work-life balancing act.

Read her interview here.

Monica Watt is the Chief Human Resources Officer at ELMO Software, which offers a suite of cloud HR, payroll and rostering, time & attendance software solutions.

She talks about flexibility becoming a norm in the workplace, work and life synergy, taking holidays to reset, and the importance of her morning routine.

Read her interview here.

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